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While gender-panic will remain online for the foreseeable future, updates to the site will be uncommon.  However, you can still access all of the content we have written so far for the site, and we hope to continue to add more Queer Media Reviews to our archives.  We remain active on the following pages:

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call for submissions: tumblr community art project

Want to be part of a collaborative community art project about gender, sexuality and identity?  Check out the new Transpoststatement tumblr by cartoonist Sam Orchard and his partner Joe.  There’s no super strict submission policies; they’re just looking for art and input from members of the queer community.  Read Sam’s blog post about Transpoststatement to learn more.

marketing stuff towards women: a simple guide

I think that somewhere, in the dark recesses of the cave in which most ad exec gophers carve out their meager existence, there is a piece of paper (or perhaps, more sinister: a powerpoint) entitled: “Marketing Stuff Towards Women: A Simple Guide”.

It’s a very basic set of instructions, broken down into four steps.

1.) Take a product that has successfully been marketed to men.

2.) Make it inherently less useful, but exceedingly more expensive. Also, consider the addition of the color pink.

3.) ????

4.) Profit!!!

Yes, it really is that easy. Take yogurt, for example. Hey ladies, do you remember… food?

Source: Taste of Home.

We’re sure that you do.  And you also remember why you gave it up…  For the sake of your ass (and your mission to make it smaller).  But now, you can enjoy the flavor of food again in a convenient, low calorie form: yogurt.  It TASTES just like the food you used to love!

Teva is taking the “feminization” of their product line to a whole new level, however, and we have to …

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call for submissions: gender queer photo project

Elle Perez, photographer and curator of the gallery show Select Gender in Brooklyn NY, is seeking genderqueer/outside the binary models across the US for a current photo project.  She is also looking for volunteers to provide a brief personal reflection about their history and gender (which you can do online by completing this brief survey).  If you are interested, you contact her either by email ( or through her tumblr.

She’s a super talented photographer, and we at G-P are hoping to participate in her project if she makes it all the way out here to Seattle.  Check out her website for samples of her work.

Here is a reposting of her call for participants:

“My name is Elle and i’m a genderqueer photographer/curator from Baltimore, MD.

I’m currently working on a project to photograph portraits of people who self identify as genderqueer/andro/outside the binary and if you’d like to be a part of it, i’d LOVE if you followed/messaged/got in contact with me :3

I curated a show earlier this year called Select Gender at a gallery in Brooklyn NY, that had a bunch of awesome photographers in it. …

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“chuckin’ up the deuces” : hip hop and gendered relationship tropes

Chris Brown, primary artist on "Deuces".

I could definitely be accused by some people of looking too closely at rap songs.  Hip hop as a general culture and medium is a poetic one–it allows you to say a whole lot on a short track.  Despite that, the majority of popular/mainstream rap and hip hop has less to do with challenging the listener (like Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop” circa 2000) and more to do with glorifying the “make it rain” status quo, with sends up to luxury brand names like Patron, Louis Vuitton, Seven Jeans, and so on (like Flo Rida’s “Low” circa 2008).

But, to be honest, even in songs like “Chopped n Skrewed” by the auto tune king T-Pain there is a lot to read into.  “Chopped n Skrewed” is actually a good example of what I want to talk about in this post: the men vs. women mentality that is groomed in the sexes by pop culture.  This concept of loyalty to your own sex and distrust of the other is difficult to put a …

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