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happy almost v-day!

I hope this upcoming St. Valentine’s Day finds you healthy and happy and loving yourself (and others). Gender-Panic would like to ring in the occasion with a quick to reminder to get out there and support your local performances of “The Vagina Monologues”. It’s a great opportunity to take a lovely somebody out for a moving, hilarious, and informative show, while supporting local women’s groups in the process. You can find a show near you by visiting the events section of the V-Day website here.  If you’d rather spend the night in, GP highly recommends the Logo special “Beautiful Daughters”, a short documentary piece about an all trans production of “The Vagina Monologues”.

I’d like to close with a short note on the recent wave of controversy following the hyper-masculine, “hen-pecked” men theme made very present in the Super Bowl ads this past weekend.  The main ad of concern was the Dodge Charger ad entitled “Man’s Last Stand”.  The premise of the ad is that because men put up with their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, and wives, they should be allowed to drive an expensive sports car.  Because being a man is hard…  And stuff.  Later this week a Youtube user shared what they are calling “Woman’s Last Stand”, a spoof of the Dodge ad, about how it is, um, actually pretty hard to be a woman too.

Personally, while I find both ads amusing, it’s honestly pretty hard (see also: impossible) to effectively conform to either end of the gender binary.  Also, the idea behind both ads that we’re just barely putting up with one another in order to maintain a lifestyle that’s “expected” of us?  That’s just sad.  Get out there and show some un-gendered, expectation free love to the people around you.  Happy V-Day!

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