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QMR: after stonewall

IMBD photo

After Stonewall: A documentary about queer history from the Stonewall riots era through the new millennium. It features news footage and personal interviews and is a must-see for all queer youth.

Country: USA, 1999

Original Language: English

Rating: 4.5/5

Zavi thinks: Fun to watch, insightful, and available on Netflix instant watch – what more could I ask for in a documentary?  This one is definitely not just for the classroom; it’s enjoyable enough to just watch at home for the fun of it.

Panda thinks: Just watched this for the first time tonight!  For someone who considers themselves decently well versed in US queer rights history, I was blown away by the amount of new information presented to me by this documentary.  Lots of really amazing professional and amateur news footage–really gripping stuff.  It is essentially a very straightforward, condensed history of the modern US queer rights movement.  This is the sort of film that should be shown in public school history classrooms everywhere.

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