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looking for contributors!

Dearest G-P readers,

We at genderpanic would like to keep expanding our site and eventually create a comprehensive resource for news, reviews, and analysis about queer media and issues.  We have loads of ideas and will someday have a comic, queer related retail and art, a full database of media reviews, and daily posts about current events.  However, at this point our greatest limitation is not having enough time to create new content – and this is where you come in.
We are interested in finding contributing writers or artists, either for a repeating column and/comic or just for single submissions.  You don’t have to be a pro writer or artist (we certainly aren’t) and you don’t have to personally identify as queer (though we certainly do); you simply have to be interested in queer  issues and/or gender and sexuality and and willing to create content.  We’re not looking for resumes or references, simply send us an original article that you have written to genderpanic (at), and we will review and let you know if it’s something we want to publish.

There aren’t any super strict guidelines but it must be 1) well written and/or well-drawn 2) relevant to gender issues and/or to the LGBTQQIAA (etc) community, and 3) queer positive.  We reserve the right to edit articles for language errors and for formatting purposes (though we will get your approval of changes before publishing) and to only publish articles/content that we deem appropriate.

Here are some suggestions of types of material you could contribute:

  • reviews of queer movies, musicians/music, books and other media
  • an analysis of a current social or political trend that affects queer people or concerns gender/sexuality
  • original comics related to queer issues or gender/sexuality
  • mini biographies about queer artists, musicians, activists, etc
  • “101″ style guides to topics such as queer terminology, different genders, etc
  • anything else awesome and queer/gender related!

Here are some subjects that we would like to cover more on our website:

  • web resources for all queer/gender/sexuality related topics
  • suicide prevention resources
  • the intersex community
  • asexuality
  • queer fashion
  • anything else awesome and queer/gender related!

What’s in it for you?  The joy of writing something neat and being published on a queer website!  No financial compensation, sorry (we don’t make any money on this website).  Published authors are welcome to include us on their resumes and to use us as references if needed.

<3 to all and email us if you have any questions or contributions!


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