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people + places

gender rebels worth reading/watching/tweeting at

Kate Bornstein
Her twitter is always active with lots of interesting tidbits about gender and sexuality, and she essentially “wrote the book” (ha) on being a gender outlaw.   Her book (entitled Gender Outlaw) and her other works are available on Amazon and at your local bookstore (fingers crossed!).

S. Bear Bergman
Author of the always amusing and insightful Butch is a Noun and the recently released The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You. Butch is a Noun is currently out of print, but you can usually find used copies on Amazon.  Check out hir livejournal and twitter as well.

Leslie Feinberg
Gender activist and author of the heartbreaking novel Stone Butch Blues, which tells the story of a masculine lesbian trying to survive in the pre-Stonewall era without losing her identity.   Also out of print.

other excellent genderqueer/trans resources
Listed as the “Internet’s Magazine for Transgender Men”, this blog features neat polls, product reviews, and editorials.

comics and other artistic endeavors of more talented individuals

A comic about math and the internets.  Better than it sounds.

khaos komix
Stories about group of queer teens, told in eight separate parts.

pictures for sad children
Essentially, John Campbell is a genius who enjoys throwing boring overboard at Long John Silver’s. Read it.

cat rackham
Cat Rackham has something in common with everyone:  he is a cat that lives in the woods, loves coffee, and gets depressed sometimes.

vg cats
Worth reading when it updates (which is rarely). “Super Effective” (Scott Roomsair’s Pokemon comic) is also quite amusing.

bear & kitten
A bear. A kitten. Shenanigans.

hark! a vagrant
Kate Beaton teaches you never to learn anything from history.

stop action films that will rock your world

home of the twisted films of pes
PES has done commercials for Bacardi and Coinstar and was the first man to realize how awesome stop action fire can be when made of candy corn.