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queer media reviews

We at Gender Panic have ambitionz az movie reviewerz.  For many years now, we’ve scoured the internets for comprehensive lists of queer movies, short films, and television–and they are few and far between!  They also rarely give a very solid “WATCH THIS!” or “never in your life will you experience a more patronizing film” sort of review.  They’re usually a lukewarm endorsement like, “this movie had queer people in it–you should probably watch it!”.  And searching for these films on your own (ex. google: cute lesbian film) and you’ll probably end up with something more along the lines of pornography than actual cinema.  We at G-P want to change that!

Check out a full list of all of our reviews here!

Now, we’re not promising perfection or the end all, be all list of every queer movie ever.  But we are going to do our best to provide you, the curious but weary queer film seeker, with what we hope will serve as a helpful guiding light when choosing the film for your next gay movie night, one that might be appropriate for parents (oh dear), or ideal for snuggling with your loved one on a rainy evening.  Obviously these reviews are biased to a certain extent (we’re genderqueer, but we’re mostly lesbonic in taste), but we’re open to viewing just about everything and trying to give you a straightforward opinion about it.

The Rating System

All media reviewed has a basic one through five rainbow rating, with one rainbow being devoid of all redeeming qualities and five rainbows being the best thing since subtle packaging for mail order sex toys!  The “too long, didn’t read” or tl;dr version of each review also includes a more specific comment like “great movie for groups” or “worth watching once, but maybe not owning”.  The rainbow rating is included as a tag in the post (ex. “five rainbows”), so you can search them by rating from the main page.


All reviews also include lots of descriptor tags, ranging from simple ones like “romantic comedy” or “tearjerker” to “great for snuggling” or “perfect for the butch in you”.  We want to give you a great feel for what this movie is like, because we know there’s nothing more disappointing than getting really excited about watching a queer film only to discover it’s clearly been made by someone who has never even had a real conversation with an lgbtq person.


The majority of reviews don’t include much in the way of spoilers. However, if there’s ever a film that is absolutely ruined by a plot twist or element that is not immediately evident form its basic description, we will most likely have to talk about it.  But, when we do, we will ALWAYS very clearly label any and all plot spoilers!

Got a movie you want us to review?

Feel free to drop us a line at any point with a film or television series you’d like to see us review.  You can contact us at any time at genderpanic (at) gmail (dot) com.