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QMR: a shot at love

IMDB photo

A Shot at Love:  In this bisexual reality dating show, model and singer Tila Tequila must select her one true love from a houseful of  straight male and lesbian female contenders.

Country: USA, 2007

Original Language: English

Rating: 1/5

Available for purchase on Amazon.

Zavi thinks: This review is timed to contrast with the one we put up a few days ago of Logo’s “Can’t Get a Date” tv series, another reality dating show featuring queer characters.  I thought “Can’t Get a Date” was handled quite well, but yikes, “A Shot at Love” was both mind-numbingly boring and incredibly offensive to the lesbian community.  Why did I ever watch this show?  Because Dani Campbell is that hot.  While the other lady characters were busy wrestling in pudding and jabbing each other with their inch-long glittery nails, butch character Dani was being kind, fair and an overall good role model to the queer community.  It’s so very rare that butch women are ever …

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