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we return from internet fail!

Hello all!  Wow, it’s been awhile…quite awhile.  After moving to our new place last month, we at G-P experienced a variety of internet related mishaps, which resulted in us only just now getting working internet service.  We are so excited to be reconnected with the world around us (not that we aren’t in real life, of course, but it’s a bit difficult these days to keep up with news, events, etc without the almighty internetz).

A lot of exciting things happened in the last month…like DADT being ruled unconstitutional in two cases by federal judges.  We have a lot to catch up on, and you’ll definitely be hearing from us regularly in the months to come!

temporary quiet time

Hello dear reader(s). G-P will be experiencing some temporary quiet time as we have just moved house and have not yet set up things like the all-important Internets. We hope to be back online soon, but for now things will be moving a bit slow around here. We thank you for your patience.

we are now on facebook!

Gender-panic is now on Facebook!  Come check us out and give us a like.  You can see our “like” button to the right, or you can check us out by going straight to our page.  We are trying to get a better idea of what kind of readership/community we attract here at G-P.  Also, coming soon: we will be giving away a free button to the first 10 comment-makers on an upcoming post, so keep an eye out for that!

top ten QMR’s finished!

Whew, we have finally finished reviewing and posting our top ten list for our Queer Media Reviews section.  We’ll continue posting QMR’s about other films, shorts, tv shows and more, just at a less profuse rate.  Now that we have the QMR category properly established, G-P will return to its more usual eclectic postings.

In other exciting news, we now have our very own tumblr site!  This site will act somewhat as an extension of G-P (we will cross-post some of our social media analysis posts there) but will primarily just be a place for us to share and reblog photos of other awesome queers.

In addition, check out our new top link for a site guide, where we’ve categorized all of our posts into six different categories for easier browsing.  “About G-P” offers information about this site and its creators, and “Queer Media Reviews” provides ratings and analysis of different forms of media.  From our three repeating columns, “This Week in Gender Bending,” “Misplaced Gender” and “Gender Q & A,” to our forays into “Media Analysis,” G-P keeps its queer for our lovely readers.

webpage in transition

If on recent visits, you noticed that the menu and links keep shifting around and changing (and some are broken), fear not!  It is only temporary.  G-P will be back by the end of the week, more wicked cool than ever before, with a new tumblr and a comic FOR REALZ.