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call for submissions: tumblr community art project

Want to be part of a collaborative community art project about gender, sexuality and identity?  Check out the new Transpoststatement tumblr by cartoonist Sam Orchard and his partner Joe.  There’s no super strict submission policies; they’re just looking for art and input from members of the queer community.  Read Sam’s blog post about Transpoststatement to learn more.

call for submissions: gender queer photo project

Elle Perez, photographer and curator of the gallery show Select Gender in Brooklyn NY, is seeking genderqueer/outside the binary models across the US for a current photo project.  She is also looking for volunteers to provide a brief personal reflection about their history and gender (which you can do online by completing this brief survey).  If you are interested, you contact her either by email ( or through her tumblr.

She’s a super talented photographer, and we at G-P are hoping to participate in her project if she makes it all the way out here to Seattle.  Check out her website for samples of her work.

Here is a reposting of her call for participants:

“My name is Elle and i’m a genderqueer photographer/curator from Baltimore, MD.

I’m currently working on a project to photograph portraits of people who self identify as genderqueer/andro/outside the binary and if you’d like to be a part of it, i’d LOVE if you followed/messaged/got in contact with me :3

I curated a show earlier this year called Select Gender at a gallery in Brooklyn NY, that had a bunch of awesome photographers in it. …

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this week in gender bending: super cool blogs

I spend a lot of time online, following link after link, and often find super cool things.  Here’s a handful of blogs that, upon discovery, fell into the ‘ooh-must-read-through-all-archives-now’ category for me.

Rooster Tails – This charming transguy from New Zealand truly understands what reinterpreting gender is all about, as evidenced in the comic featured above.

The Seventeen Magazine Project – A high school senior takes a look into America’s feminine ideals by spending a month living according to the suggestion of this top teen mag.

Stuff No One Told Me – An illustrator from Barcelona shares all the facts he learned the hard way.

website revamp and $7 etsy sale!

We are back up and running, as I am sure you can see. I just wanted to make a quick update to say that we’re having a $7 Etsy sale–everything in our Etsy store has been marked down to $7 and most items have free shipping! So if you had been pondering treating yourself to a coin purse, now is most certainly the time!

I am also currently harassing Zavi about getting hir adorable hamster phone charms up on the website. We shall see, we shall see…