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notable queers: an interview with sam orchard

Image provided by Sam Orchard

Sam Orchard is a cartoonist and activist from New Zealand who runs the comic blog “Roostertails.”  He has had work published in in blogs and books such as the webcomic Riot Nrrd, DUD: Vol 1 from the Dunedin Comic Collective, and the latest anthology by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation.  “Roostertails” covers issues ranging from the challenges of defining one’s gender to dealing with homophobia and personal fears, and it is totally worth checking out.  It’s also really neat to see how Sam’s art has evolved over the past year, from fairly simple cartoon drawings to rather complex pieces.

I can’t remember at all how I got first got linked to the “Roostertails” comic, but I’ve reading it since shortly after its inception last year.  I am, to be honest, not usually an avid comic reader and typically prefer photo or editorial blogs.  This is not because I don’t appreciate comics as an art form, but simply because most web comics …

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this week in gender bending: queer photo projects

Photography has always been my favorite art medium, and I especially love portraits.  This week I wanted to feature some amazing photo blogs and projects that promote queer visibility.  There’s still so little positive (much less accurate) representation of the LGBTQ community in mass media, and I definitely feel that this void contributes to homophobia in our society.  Plus, looking at photos of cute, out queers always brightens my day.  Enjoy!

Amos Mac Photography – Though Amos Mac is best known for his work with OP Magazine, he has also taken a variety of excellent portraits featuring the queer community.  Some content is NSFW.

Between Black & White: A Portrait of Transgender Toronto – A black and white photo series by Canadian photographer Tanja-Tiziana.  The 18 photos featured are beautifully done and feature a broad range of people, including musician Lucas Silveira.

We Are Not the Enemy – A photo blog that promotes LGBTQ equality through queer visibility.  I’m not sure it’s updated anymore, but the photos of all the cute queer couples and groups of friends posted are totally worth checking out.

Sophia Wallace Photography: Truer – My favorite collection by …

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this week in gender bending: super cool blogs

I spend a lot of time online, following link after link, and often find super cool things.  Here’s a handful of blogs that, upon discovery, fell into the ‘ooh-must-read-through-all-archives-now’ category for me.

Rooster Tails – This charming transguy from New Zealand truly understands what reinterpreting gender is all about, as evidenced in the comic featured above.

The Seventeen Magazine Project – A high school senior takes a look into America’s feminine ideals by spending a month living according to the suggestion of this top teen mag.

Stuff No One Told Me – An illustrator from Barcelona shares all the facts he learned the hard way.

this week in gender bending: focus on feminism

“Feminism,” says the mighty voice of Wikipedia, refers to “political, cultural, and economic movements aimed at establishing greater rights and legal protections for women”. There are endless branches and eras of feminism, and like with any significant political movement, the feminist movement has had to struggle with issues of inclusion and with its very definition. What I see of the feminist political and social movement these days is mostly good. There’s still some fake feminists like Sarah Palin, who attempt to rally while still engaging in classism and sexism, but overall the movement seems to be inclusive of diversity. Below I’ve linked one of my favorite news blogs, Feministing, which I appreciate for its frequent updates of fascinating articles and for its trans, genderqueer and LGBTQ positive attitude. – A blog that keeps up with any and all news and pop culture related to gender and women’s issues.

The Brontesaurus – An action figure that tackles sexism in literature!

Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists – A new anthology that explores what it means to be a feminist and have a feminist identity.