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marketing stuff towards women: a simple guide

I think that somewhere, in the dark recesses of the cave in which most ad exec gophers carve out their meager existence, there is a piece of paper (or perhaps, more sinister: a powerpoint) entitled: “Marketing Stuff Towards Women: A Simple Guide”.

It’s a very basic set of instructions, broken down into four steps.

1.) Take a product that has successfully been marketed to men.

2.) Make it inherently less useful, but exceedingly more expensive. Also, consider the addition of the color pink.

3.) ????

4.) Profit!!!

Yes, it really is that easy. Take yogurt, for example. Hey ladies, do you remember… food?

Source: Taste of Home.

We’re sure that you do.  And you also remember why you gave it up…  For the sake of your ass (and your mission to make it smaller).  But now, you can enjoy the flavor of food again in a convenient, low calorie form: yogurt.  It TASTES just like the food you used to love!

Teva is taking the “feminization” of their product line to a whole new level, however, and we have to …

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“chuckin’ up the deuces” : hip hop and gendered relationship tropes

Chris Brown, primary artist on "Deuces".

I could definitely be accused by some people of looking too closely at rap songs.  Hip hop as a general culture and medium is a poetic one–it allows you to say a whole lot on a short track.  Despite that, the majority of popular/mainstream rap and hip hop has less to do with challenging the listener (like Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop” circa 2000) and more to do with glorifying the “make it rain” status quo, with sends up to luxury brand names like Patron, Louis Vuitton, Seven Jeans, and so on (like Flo Rida’s “Low” circa 2008).

But, to be honest, even in songs like “Chopped n Skrewed” by the auto tune king T-Pain there is a lot to read into.  “Chopped n Skrewed” is actually a good example of what I want to talk about in this post: the men vs. women mentality that is groomed in the sexes by pop culture.  This concept of loyalty to your own sex and distrust of the other is difficult to put a …

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the “fad” of being trans

This is a first – typically we write for genderpanic, then cross post to our tumblr.  However, I wrote a response to submission at Queersecrets that I wanted to share.  It is a letter in response to this secret:

Image from

My letter:

“I’ve never understood the perception that being trans could be a ‘fad’.  Wearing skinny jeans is a fad. Gourmet cupcake shops are a fad.  Reasserting one’s personal and social identity as that of a different gender is not a fad – it is a life altering choice.

Being trans has a lot of costs, both literally and figuratively.  Embarking on a gender change involves (for many) permanently altering not only one’s body but also the way one will be perceived in society for the rest of your life.  Many trans people also end up spending quite a bit of personal money, time and other resources in order to achieve a physique and social status that match their choice of gender.

Even if a person’s way of asserting their trans identity doesn’t involved the literal …

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gender bending leads to high school arrest

“Gender Bender Day,” a part of the Homecoming celebration at a high school in Fayetteville, North Carolina, turned sour when the principal apparently deemed some of the gender bending costumes inappropriate and told several students they would have to go home to change.  When student Arryn Tyler protested (admittedly a bit too aggressively), she was tackled by a deputy sheriff, hand cuffed and arrested.

Can we say overkill?  As Dogbert would put it, the actions taken were on the level of “sandblasting a soup cracker.”  Yes, giving the middle finger to an authority figure is highly inappropriate and should be disciplined, but being taken down by a police officer for it is quite an excessive use of force.  My only hope from a story like this is that this situation inspires Arryn Tyler and other young queers to be activists for life.  That’d really be sticking it to the man.

‘a letter to my body’ from an intersex woman

In this edition of the BBC’s podcast “The Essay,” therapist Sarah Graham tells a powerful and incredibly personal story, of finding out at the age of twenty-five that she is an intersex woman who has XY chromosomes.  Graham is an excellent speaker, and her Letter to My Body is an eloquent but scathing discussion about the harm that adhering to a medical and social gender binary can cause.  Her piece is only 15 minutes long and definitely worth listening to.

Unfortunately this audio clip is only available for a limited time, so do listen to it before October 4!  I’ll try my best to find a more permanent link.