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comic attack interviews c. d. kirven

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Speaking of LGBTQ representation in comics, remember when we introduced our contributing columnist C.D. Kirven and mentioned that she will soon release her comic book, The TAO Diaries?  She was recently interviewed by, a cool site that provides comic previews, reviews and more.  So cool! The interview explores the historical exclusion of queer characters in comics and current trends concerning LGBTQ comic characters.   Super interesting fact that I did not know: “Homosexuality was banned in mainstream US comics by the Comics Code Authority (CCA) until 1989 (”.  C.D. analyzes in depth how LGBTQ characters are portrayed in comics and discusses the negative social perceptions and problems that arise from the exclusion of queer characters.  Check out’s interview with C.D. here!

This is all very inspiring; I’m going to have to start reading more comics!