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notable queers: an interview with sam orchard

Image provided by Sam Orchard

Sam Orchard is a cartoonist and activist from New Zealand who runs the comic blog “Roostertails.”  He has had work published in in blogs and books such as the webcomic Riot Nrrd, DUD: Vol 1 from the Dunedin Comic Collective, and the latest anthology by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation.  “Roostertails” covers issues ranging from the challenges of defining one’s gender to dealing with homophobia and personal fears, and it is totally worth checking out.  It’s also really neat to see how Sam’s art has evolved over the past year, from fairly simple cartoon drawings to rather complex pieces.

I can’t remember at all how I got first got linked to the “Roostertails” comic, but I’ve reading it since shortly after its inception last year.  I am, to be honest, not usually an avid comic reader and typically prefer photo or editorial blogs.  This is not because I don’t appreciate comics as an art form, but simply because most web comics …

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transgender love

This video is the cutest thing that I’ve seen all week, and I simply must share it.  There’s such a void in mainstream media of depictions of queer couples (much less successful, happy ones), and so I adore when I find items like this.  You can learn more about its creator Warren by checking out his youtube channel, “sillyyetsuccinct“.

a feel good story

Times are tough for lovers these days, and all the news articles that pop up on my dash seem to only dwell on the negative.  Here’s a gem in the rough:  an article about true love that defies gender norms.  It really is an interesting find.  Featured on of all places, “Falling in Love With a Transgender Man” is well written and handles trans issues with an unusual sensitivity and eloquence. Here’s an excerpt from it that I particularly liked:

“But normal has always felt like a lie to me, a too-tight sweater we force ourselves to wear. Normal has never been too kind to women, to children, or people of color, people mired in poverty, anyone different in any way. Normal is good for no one, really. It is a lie we all decide to believe—after even the most cursory look, no one is actually normal; it is a plastic bag we wrap around our own heads.”

Best wishes to all of you out there, dear readers. <3

this week in gender bending: supa cute couples

There’s nothing more awesome for us at genderpanic than finding out about delightful queer people in the world fighting for equality and working to better their communities through arts and social reform – except perhaps than finding a couple of them! Listed below are two of the couples we’re found out about most recently.

Sean Dorsey and Shawna Virago – Both artists and activists, Sean and Shawna promote transgender awareness and participation in the arts scene in San Francisco.

bOo torres and Joanne Alcantara – Fellow Seattleites, the owners of 2 Brown Chicks Family Farm focus their business practices on environmental and social justice and are very active in giving back to their community.