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“chuckin’ up the deuces” : hip hop and gendered relationship tropes

Chris Brown, primary artist on "Deuces".

I could definitely be accused by some people of looking too closely at rap songs.  Hip hop as a general culture and medium is a poetic one–it allows you to say a whole lot on a short track.  Despite that, the majority of popular/mainstream rap and hip hop has less to do with challenging the listener (like Dead Prez’s “Hip Hop” circa 2000) and more to do with glorifying the “make it rain” status quo, with sends up to luxury brand names like Patron, Louis Vuitton, Seven Jeans, and so on (like Flo Rida’s “Low” circa 2008).

But, to be honest, even in songs like “Chopped n Skrewed” by the auto tune king T-Pain there is a lot to read into.  “Chopped n Skrewed” is actually a good example of what I want to talk about in this post: the men vs. women mentality that is groomed in the sexes by pop culture.  This concept of loyalty to your own sex and distrust of the other is difficult to put a …

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