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this week in gender bending: social justice workshops

Yikes, we at genderpanic have had a super busy week.  I work with a pro-justice team of high school youth and this week had the pleasure of acting as the discussion facilitator for the first time.  We watched and analyzed cool video clips such as Feminist Frequency’s Bechdel Test for Women in Movies, then talked about homophobia, gender and sexism in the United States.  In addition, Panda and I both attended a really interesting workshop this weekend on using Theater of the Oppressed exercises and techniques as a tool for facilitating discussions on justice and equality.  Since teaching and discussing social issues has been the main focus of my reading and thinking this week, I wanted to share some of the neat resources that I’ve come across.

The Sociological Cinema – This website lists free online video clips that can be used in teaching about social issues such as class and gender.  It’s incredibly well organized and has tags that allow you to search both by subject and by video length.  The description for each clip also gives suggestions for discussion topics.

Theater of the Oppressed – A form of theater developed in Brazil …

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this week in gender bending: queer art coming your way!

Image from

Some of my favorite gender benders and queer activists have been quite prolific lately, and I just wanted to share news about some exciting ongoing tours, recently published books, and more.

Kate Bornstein – Kate and S. Bear Bergman collaborated this past year to create the anthology Gender Outlaws:  The Next Generation, which contains stories, comics and art by young trans and genderqueer contributors.  Kate’s original book Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us opened up a lot of needed dialogue about the complexities and diversity of gender, and this new collection takes a look at how perceptions of gender have changed in the fifteen years since it was published.

S. Bear Bergman – Bear is on tour this fall/winter with the most excellent Ivan Coyote.  Their Dangerous Mammals: Please Don’t Feed or Tease the Animals tour is mainly focused on the East Coast (alas no Seattle stops planned), but promises to deliver an amazing night of clever dialogue and masterful storytelling.  This tour in part celebrates …

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this week in gender bending: queer photo projects

Photography has always been my favorite art medium, and I especially love portraits.  This week I wanted to feature some amazing photo blogs and projects that promote queer visibility.  There’s still so little positive (much less accurate) representation of the LGBTQ community in mass media, and I definitely feel that this void contributes to homophobia in our society.  Plus, looking at photos of cute, out queers always brightens my day.  Enjoy!

Amos Mac Photography – Though Amos Mac is best known for his work with OP Magazine, he has also taken a variety of excellent portraits featuring the queer community.  Some content is NSFW.

Between Black & White: A Portrait of Transgender Toronto – A black and white photo series by Canadian photographer Tanja-Tiziana.  The 18 photos featured are beautifully done and feature a broad range of people, including musician Lucas Silveira.

We Are Not the Enemy – A photo blog that promotes LGBTQ equality through queer visibility.  I’m not sure it’s updated anymore, but the photos of all the cute queer couples and groups of friends posted are totally worth checking out.

Sophia Wallace Photography: Truer – My favorite collection by …

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this week in gender bending: supa cute couples

There’s nothing more awesome for us at genderpanic than finding out about delightful queer people in the world fighting for equality and working to better their communities through arts and social reform – except perhaps than finding a couple of them! Listed below are two of the couples we’re found out about most recently.

Sean Dorsey and Shawna Virago – Both artists and activists, Sean and Shawna promote transgender awareness and participation in the arts scene in San Francisco.

bOo torres and Joanne Alcantara – Fellow Seattleites, the owners of 2 Brown Chicks Family Farm focus their business practices on environmental and social justice and are very active in giving back to their community.

this week in gender bending: trans media

All too often, mass media neglects the voices of minorities and misses out on an entire range of human experience. Featured this week are the seldom heard stories of trans people and how they define their own gender and sexuality.

Make Me A Boy – This “collection of unwritten life stories” features interviews with transmen about their life experiences.

Somewhere Out There – Check out “Act Two: Tom Girls” of this NPR episode, which tells the story of two young trans girls meeting at a transgender conference in Seattle.

Defining Queer Virginity – Brightest New Things asks a quite diverse selection of queers to explain gay sex, in all its forms.