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Q: what is "hard gay"?

A: A Japanese super hero…of sorts. Hard Gay, comedian Masaki Sumitani, uses punk drag and extreme antics to promote acts of social improvement. HG is a persona meant to be both ridiculous and endearing, a unique gender act that rides the line between legitimizing homosexuality and reinforcing stereotypes. Bottom line is that HG is a hilarious genderfuck with a heart of gold.

Check out HG’s visit to a Japanese ramen shop.

Q: what is a lesbrarian?

A:  See chart and photo below.

Lesbrarians at Seattle Pride 2010

Lesbrarians = totally awesome, btw.

gender Q & A

Now in addition to “This Week in Gender Bending,” Zavi will have a new reoccurring themed post.  “Gender Q & A” will provide information about many of the clever, original and inventive definitions of gender that fellow queer folk have created. As always, please feel free to send in your own suggestions and/or photos to genderpanic (at) gmail (dot) com!