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call for submissions: tumblr community art project

Want to be part of a collaborative community art project about gender, sexuality and identity?  Check out the new Transpoststatement tumblr by cartoonist Sam Orchard and his partner Joe.  There’s no super strict submission policies; they’re just looking for art and input from members of the queer community.  Read Sam’s blog post about Transpoststatement to learn more.

call for submissions: gender queer photo project

Elle Perez, photographer and curator of the gallery show Select Gender in Brooklyn NY, is seeking genderqueer/outside the binary models across the US for a current photo project.  She is also looking for volunteers to provide a brief personal reflection about their history and gender (which you can do online by completing this brief survey).  If you are interested, you contact her either by email ( or through her tumblr.

She’s a super talented photographer, and we at G-P are hoping to participate in her project if she makes it all the way out here to Seattle.  Check out her website for samples of her work.

Here is a reposting of her call for participants:

“My name is Elle and i’m a genderqueer photographer/curator from Baltimore, MD.

I’m currently working on a project to photograph portraits of people who self identify as genderqueer/andro/outside the binary and if you’d like to be a part of it, i’d LOVE if you followed/messaged/got in contact with me :3

I curated a show earlier this year called Select Gender at a gallery in Brooklyn NY, that had a bunch of awesome photographers in it. …

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the “fad” of being trans

This is a first – typically we write for genderpanic, then cross post to our tumblr.  However, I wrote a response to submission at Queersecrets that I wanted to share.  It is a letter in response to this secret:

Image from

My letter:

“I’ve never understood the perception that being trans could be a ‘fad’.  Wearing skinny jeans is a fad. Gourmet cupcake shops are a fad.  Reasserting one’s personal and social identity as that of a different gender is not a fad – it is a life altering choice.

Being trans has a lot of costs, both literally and figuratively.  Embarking on a gender change involves (for many) permanently altering not only one’s body but also the way one will be perceived in society for the rest of your life.  Many trans people also end up spending quite a bit of personal money, time and other resources in order to achieve a physique and social status that match their choice of gender.

Even if a person’s way of asserting their trans identity doesn’t involved the literal …

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this week in gender bending: queer photo projects

Photography has always been my favorite art medium, and I especially love portraits.  This week I wanted to feature some amazing photo blogs and projects that promote queer visibility.  There’s still so little positive (much less accurate) representation of the LGBTQ community in mass media, and I definitely feel that this void contributes to homophobia in our society.  Plus, looking at photos of cute, out queers always brightens my day.  Enjoy!

Amos Mac Photography – Though Amos Mac is best known for his work with OP Magazine, he has also taken a variety of excellent portraits featuring the queer community.  Some content is NSFW.

Between Black & White: A Portrait of Transgender Toronto – A black and white photo series by Canadian photographer Tanja-Tiziana.  The 18 photos featured are beautifully done and feature a broad range of people, including musician Lucas Silveira.

We Are Not the Enemy – A photo blog that promotes LGBTQ equality through queer visibility.  I’m not sure it’s updated anymore, but the photos of all the cute queer couples and groups of friends posted are totally worth checking out.

Sophia Wallace Photography: Truer – My favorite collection by …

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genderqueer educational poster

Why isn’t there an equivalent of this in every class room and/or queer space?

Note: this is a modified version of a poster created by the Stonewall Center at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  The original  and others are available here for very reasonable prices.