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Q: what is "hard gay"?

A: A Japanese super hero…of sorts. Hard Gay, comedian Masaki Sumitani, uses punk drag and extreme antics to promote acts of social improvement. HG is a persona meant to be both ridiculous and endearing, a unique gender act that rides the line between legitimizing homosexuality and reinforcing stereotypes. Bottom line is that HG is a hilarious genderfuck with a heart of gold.

Check out HG’s visit to a Japanese ramen shop.

this week in gender bending: international week

This week’s links have an international focus, to illustrate how gender bending is indeed a worldwide phenomenon. Here are a few links that really caught my eye:

herbivore boys – men in Japan are rebelling against the typical ‘macho’ male stereotype.

queer China –  in a Danwei tv interview, the organizers of Beijing’s Queer Film Festival discuss the fight for queer acceptance.

US gay marriage ban – here in the US, California’s ban on gay marriage is being challenged in the Supreme Court.

honor violence – gay Muslims are facing homelessness and other issues after being rejected by their families.

Keep it queer out there; queer visibility is a definite necessity in the fight for acceptance and tolerance worldwide.