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this week in gender bending: queer art coming your way!

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Some of my favorite gender benders and queer activists have been quite prolific lately, and I just wanted to share news about some exciting ongoing tours, recently published books, and more.

Kate Bornstein – Kate and S. Bear Bergman collaborated this past year to create the anthology Gender Outlaws:  The Next Generation, which contains stories, comics and art by young trans and genderqueer contributors.  Kate’s original book Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us opened up a lot of needed dialogue about the complexities and diversity of gender, and this new collection takes a look at how perceptions of gender have changed in the fifteen years since it was published.

S. Bear Bergman – Bear is on tour this fall/winter with the most excellent Ivan Coyote.  Their Dangerous Mammals: Please Don’t Feed or Tease the Animals tour is mainly focused on the East Coast (alas no Seattle stops planned), but promises to deliver an amazing night of clever dialogue and masterful storytelling.  This tour in part celebrates …

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#stay alive

To anyone out there (not just teens) who has ever felt hopeless about life because your gender or sexuality doesn’t fit the ridiculously rigid social standards that exist today:  your life is worthwhile and worth living.  Don’t ever forget that, even if there are people who push you to feel otherwise.  Some periods in life are really tough, and I don’t know why it has to be that way, but the parts of life that are beautiful make it all worthwhile.  You should love whomever you want to love and present yourself however you feel most comfortable, and you should do so without shame.  Having only binary options in our social system for gender and sexuality is what is unnatural and shameful – not anything about you.

For another awesome “it gets better” video, check out the one by genderpanic’s favorite gender outlaw Kate Bornstein.  Also listen to Ellen DeGeneres’ important message about bullying.  And for frequent reminders from fellow queers, activists, and youth about the importance of staying …

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to all gay teens: it gets better

“It Gets Better,” a new youtube channel by Dan Savage, is the best creation I’ve seen in ages.  Savage is the sex advice columnist for The Stranger (Seattle’s “only newspaper”), and he and his husband are both gay rights activists.  This channel is aimed at queer teens, especially those who are isolated in small towns and do not have access to a queer community and support groups.  It’s primary goal is to remind young people that life really does get better after junior high and high school, and that suicide doesn’t fix anything; it only robs you of all of the opportunities yet to come.

As Kate Bornstein always says: “do whatever you need or want to do in order to make life worth living.  Love who and how you want to love.  Just don’t be mean.”  Savage and his husband convey this message of hope in a way that is endearing and uplifting – definitely watch this one!  User submissions of your own “it gets better” …

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call for queer writers

Oh!  Here’s something very important.  Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman (two very talented and charming individuals who write about queer issues) are compiling an new anthology, “Gender Outlaws:  The Next Generation”, and are seeking submissions of short stories, art, poetry, etc.

The deadline for submissions is September 1, so submit soon! Check out the link below for full details and submission information.

gender outlaws:  the next generation – call for submissions