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comic attack interviews c. d. kirven

Image from

Speaking of LGBTQ representation in comics, remember when we introduced our contributing columnist C.D. Kirven and mentioned that she will soon release her comic book, The TAO Diaries?  She was recently interviewed by, a cool site that provides comic previews, reviews and more.  So cool! The interview explores the historical exclusion of queer characters in comics and current trends concerning LGBTQ comic characters.   Super interesting fact that I did not know: “Homosexuality was banned in mainstream US comics by the Comics Code Authority (CCA) until 1989 (”.  C.D. analyzes in depth how LGBTQ characters are portrayed in comics and discusses the negative social perceptions and problems that arise from the exclusion of queer characters.  Check out’s interview with C.D. here!

This is all very inspiring; I’m going to have to start reading more comics!

notable queers: c. d. kirven

Image provided by C.D. Kirven

C.D. Kirven is a lesbian activist based out of Dallas, Texas who is definitely not standing still in the face of inequality.  She is an astonishingly prolific artist and is in fact a writer, film maker, photographer, and digital artist all rolled into one.  Even more exciting, she has offered to guest write for us at genderpanic and will be contributing editorials about current trends in news and politics!

It’s actually a bit hard to choose what work of C.D.’s to mention first.  Notably, she will soon release The TAO Diaries, the first comic book with a black lesbian protagonist.  This isn’t her first venture into writing, as she has already published a coming of age novel What Goes Around Comes Back Around, which was nominated for a Lambda Literary award.  She is especially active in combating racism and same-sex domestic violence and  is the co-founder of the Texas nonprofit Get Equal Now, whose focus is on empowering the local queer community.  Through this organization, she has organized events such as …

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Q: what is a lesbrarian?

A:  See chart and photo below.

Lesbrarians at Seattle Pride 2010

Lesbrarians = totally awesome, btw.

the irony of katy perry's success

Katy Perry is a player that I love to hate.  I initially researched her for a gender studies paper about lesbians in the music industry and learned a variety of strange Katy Perry trivia.  I haven’t thought much about her since then, until I saw the amazing video of this year’s AIDS/LifeCycle participants remaking Perry’s hit “California Gurls.”

This video is utterly fantastic, but reminded me of what irks me most about Perry – that she has made a fortune for herself mocking the very subculture that she exploits.  I’m not usually interested in the lives of artists outside of their music, and I am definitely not of the opinion that one has to identify as queer in order to care about/be involved in LGBTQ issues, but Perry’s sheer hypocrisy just rubs me the wrong way.  Perry is very open about the fact that she has never actually engaged in any type of queer sexual behavior, clarifying in a hilarious interview with The New Gay that her …

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tumultuous legal times for the american queer community

"Obama Pride" campaign logo.

Wow, it’s been a little while.  I’m really not sure where the time goes…  But the fact that it’s November is just surreal.  In any case, I thought I’d take this time to post a quick update about a few things.  We are just a few days past the anniversary of the election of Barrack Obama, the United States’ first African American president.  Obama ran on a campaign of “hope”, with a view to a new future for a struggling America.  I’m sure we all remember how he openly courted the LGBTQ vote with promises of change.

One year later, what has changed for the LGBTQ population?  On the same day that Obama won the election, residents of California voted on Proposition 8, a heavily religiously funded campaign to strip away the rights of lesbian and gay people to marry.  Running on the old fallback campaign of “protecting the sanctity of marriage”, the measure passed.  It left a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of many who had, only hours before, been filled with hope when Obama’s win was officially announced.

The American states where …

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