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marketing stuff towards women: a simple guide

I think that somewhere, in the dark recesses of the cave in which most ad exec gophers carve out their meager existence, there is a piece of paper (or perhaps, more sinister: a powerpoint) entitled: “Marketing Stuff Towards Women: A Simple Guide”.

It’s a very basic set of instructions, broken down into four steps.

1.) Take a product that has successfully been marketed to men.

2.) Make it inherently less useful, but exceedingly more expensive. Also, consider the addition of the color pink.

3.) ????

4.) Profit!!!

Yes, it really is that easy. Take yogurt, for example. Hey ladies, do you remember… food?

Source: Taste of Home.

We’re sure that you do.  And you also remember why you gave it up…  For the sake of your ass (and your mission to make it smaller).  But now, you can enjoy the flavor of food again in a convenient, low calorie form: yogurt.  It TASTES just like the food you used to love!

Teva is taking the “feminization” of their product line to a whole new level, however, and we have to …

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sexism is making a comeback

Image from

Everyone’s seen good old-fashioned sexist images like the one on the left, right?  There’s no shortage of ads that reference America’s earlier, less enlightened era when women stayed in the home and their sole social function was to support their husband and kids.  It was a good, simple time, when women had nary a thought in their little heads and and could be easily appeased with new kitchen appliances.  At least, that’s how ads from before women’s liberation would have you think.

Now that women are rocking out in almost all spheres of business, politics and law (haven’t touched the presidency yet, have we?), things in advertising are a bit different.  It’s no longer considered socially acceptable to overtly compare women to objects or to imply that their only worth lies within domestic spheres.  In theory, the strides that American society has made towards equalizing opportunities in education, jobs and politics are reflected in modern advertising…but everything is ok if it’s ironic, right?

The good ol’ boys club, where a certain level of bonding resulted from the exclusion and …

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yogurt: the official food of women

I watch a lot of videos about gender in society, most of which are quite interesting, but it’s pretty rare that one actually makes me laugh out loud. Hats off to you, Sarah Haskins, for this amazing review of yogurt commercials aimed at women. “Why am I holding all this yogurt? Because I am a woman. And yogurt is the official food of women!” Food – something that should never be gendered.

Check out She-conomy, a site about women and marketing, where I first found this video.