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notable queers: an interview with sam orchard

Image provided by Sam Orchard

Sam Orchard is a cartoonist and activist from New Zealand who runs the comic blog “Roostertails.”  He has had work published in in blogs and books such as the webcomic Riot Nrrd, DUD: Vol 1 from the Dunedin Comic Collective, and the latest anthology by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation.  “Roostertails” covers issues ranging from the challenges of defining one’s gender to dealing with homophobia and personal fears, and it is totally worth checking out.  It’s also really neat to see how Sam’s art has evolved over the past year, from fairly simple cartoon drawings to rather complex pieces.

I can’t remember at all how I got first got linked to the “Roostertails” comic, but I’ve reading it since shortly after its inception last year.  I am, to be honest, not usually an avid comic reader and typically prefer photo or editorial blogs.  This is not because I don’t appreciate comics as an art form, but simply because most web comics …

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notable queers: c. d. kirven

Image provided by C.D. Kirven

C.D. Kirven is a lesbian activist based out of Dallas, Texas who is definitely not standing still in the face of inequality.  She is an astonishingly prolific artist and is in fact a writer, film maker, photographer, and digital artist all rolled into one.  Even more exciting, she has offered to guest write for us at genderpanic and will be contributing editorials about current trends in news and politics!

It’s actually a bit hard to choose what work of C.D.’s to mention first.  Notably, she will soon release The TAO Diaries, the first comic book with a black lesbian protagonist.  This isn’t her first venture into writing, as she has already published a coming of age novel What Goes Around Comes Back Around, which was nominated for a Lambda Literary award.  She is especially active in combating racism and same-sex domestic violence and  is the co-founder of the Texas nonprofit Get Equal Now, whose focus is on empowering the local queer community.  Through this organization, she has organized events such as …

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notable queers: vivek shraya

Image from

Vivek Shraya is a synth pop artist from Toronto who has shared the stage with artists such as Tegan and Sara, Team Dresch and Melissa Ferrick and who seems well on his way to becoming a Renaissance man.  I immediately felt a kinship with Vivek after checking out an Xtra! interview with him where he expressed that “queer visibility is paramount” and also after noticing that he is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, which is incidentally one of the two Canadian towns I have ever visited.

Aside from releasing five albums of electropop, Vivek has recently released a collection of 20 short stories, God Loves Hair.  The official release description of it states,

God Loves Hair is an exploration of sexuality, gender, racial politics, religion and belonging through the eyes of a tender and intellectually curious child. These twenty short stories follow the protagonist into realms he sometimes doesn’t understand but he emerges with the poignant insight, sophistication, and honesty that only the voice of a young mind can convey. Each story is accompanied by …

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notable queers: an enthralling new G-P column

Hello to all you lovely queers out there!  Time continues to fly and suddenly we’re coming into the last stretch of 2010.  October, our LGBTQ History Month, is upon us.  The Equality Forum has a neat website where a video featuring a queer icon will be released every day this month.

We at G-P think that LGBTQ History Month is awesome, even though we had never heard of it until just this year.  In the spirit of the month, we’ve started up a new section on our website called Notable Queers.  The title says it all – we’ll feature queer writers, musicians, performers, and activists and highlight their contributions to queer media.  G-P admires quite a few queer icons, so you’ll be seeing a lot of these posts in the future!