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texas governor’s death sentence for many HIV/AIDS patients, minorities and children

By: C.D. Kirven, Contributing Writer & Activist

Governor Rick Perry announced on CNN’s State of the Union his possible plans to opt Texas out of Medicaid/Medicare to reduce money received from the federal government. As the governor made his media rounds to promote his book and determine the national climate in regards to his presidential aspirations, he once again put his own interests ahead of Texas. Around 25% of Texans are covered by either Medicaid or Medicare, so to eliminate low-income medical assistance would continue to devastate those adversely impacted by the recession and desolate an already impoverished community. For AIDS patients, this could be a death sentence because taking medicine on a rigid schedule is critical, experts say, missing any doses gives the virus a chance to become resistant to the drugs.

Recently, Florida Department of Health dropped about 350 uninsured HIV/AIDS patients from a federally funded program that pays for all or most of their drugs, because of a budget crisis. “We are playing with people’s lives here,” said Michael Rajner, of Fort Lauderdale, an HIV-positive activist. The mid-term proved very successful for Republican but could …

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in bathrooms and barrooms, on dumpsters and heirlooms

Do chromosomes have anything to do with using the restroom?

Public bathrooms can be exceptionally tricky places, as most genderqueers can attest. In these tiny, smelly public rooms, one’s gender is put to the ultimate test, and “failure” can lead to all manners of embarrassment. We at gender-panic have certainly both had days where wearing an exceptionally cute tie and vest combo led to awkward stares and confrontations in the ladies’ room.

I end up on both sides of the test these days, as both the judge and the judged. The shop where I work has two single stall restrooms and to use them, one must request either the men’s or women’s key from the staff. This leaves me in a bit of a lurch. At any given moment in my work day, with only a split second to decide, I must correctly interpret the gender of countless people. It’s awkward for me, awkward for them, and just totally unnecessary.

Binary bathroom systems are of course just a product of the limited gender binary that we live in. I am amazed, however, at …

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dear conservatives,

this week in gender bending: link roulette

This week I find myself, as always, a bit short on time. Thus, with no logical theme, I present to you the top three links that caught my eye this week.

Gender Queer Coalition – Director Jac Stringer speaks about the fight for queer rights in the midwest.

Cartoon about Gender – The cartoon blog Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal presents to us how biblical ‘truths’ get passed around.

What to Do with New College Grads – The Onion proposes cryogenic freezing before the “effects of fretting about the dismal job market set in”.

tumultuous legal times for the american queer community

"Obama Pride" campaign logo.

Wow, it’s been a little while.  I’m really not sure where the time goes…  But the fact that it’s November is just surreal.  In any case, I thought I’d take this time to post a quick update about a few things.  We are just a few days past the anniversary of the election of Barrack Obama, the United States’ first African American president.  Obama ran on a campaign of “hope”, with a view to a new future for a struggling America.  I’m sure we all remember how he openly courted the LGBTQ vote with promises of change.

One year later, what has changed for the LGBTQ population?  On the same day that Obama won the election, residents of California voted on Proposition 8, a heavily religiously funded campaign to strip away the rights of lesbian and gay people to marry.  Running on the old fallback campaign of “protecting the sanctity of marriage”, the measure passed.  It left a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of many who had, only hours before, been filled with hope when Obama’s win was officially announced.

The American states where …

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