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gender bending leads to high school arrest

“Gender Bender Day,” a part of the Homecoming celebration at a high school in Fayetteville, North Carolina, turned sour when the principal apparently deemed some of the gender bending costumes inappropriate and told several students they would have to go home to change.  When student Arryn Tyler protested (admittedly a bit too aggressively), she was tackled by a deputy sheriff, hand cuffed and arrested.

Can we say overkill?  As Dogbert would put it, the actions taken were on the level of “sandblasting a soup cracker.”  Yes, giving the middle finger to an authority figure is highly inappropriate and should be disciplined, but being taken down by a police officer for it is quite an excessive use of force.  My only hope from a story like this is that this situation inspires Arryn Tyler and other young queers to be activists for life.  That’d really be sticking it to the man.