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happy heteroween!

Image from stuffqueerpeopleneedtoknow.

Halloween is a time for epic costuming and craziness in the States, and we at G-P were quite happy making our rounds this year as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Michelangelo) and a queer Optimus Prime respectively.  Halloween is a holiday that has held many meanings over the centuries, and it has always been quite dear to the queer community as a time to let one’s inner self be as flamboyant as desired.  However, in recent years, Halloween has seemingly entered into a new era.

Dan Savage, a Seattle sex columnist (and incidentally the co-founder of the It Gets Better Project), has an interesting take on the whole situation.  In an editorial posted last year in The Stranger, he puts forth an interesting theory  – that Hallowen has now been co-opted by  heterosexuals.  Now that all manners of costume and drag can be enjoyed by the queer community on a regular basis, it’s the straight community that needs that one special night of the year where they can flaunt their sexuality and, in the words of Dan Savage, “when …

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to all gay teens: it gets better

“It Gets Better,” a new youtube channel by Dan Savage, is the best creation I’ve seen in ages.  Savage is the sex advice columnist for The Stranger (Seattle’s “only newspaper”), and he and his husband are both gay rights activists.  This channel is aimed at queer teens, especially those who are isolated in small towns and do not have access to a queer community and support groups.  It’s primary goal is to remind young people that life really does get better after junior high and high school, and that suicide doesn’t fix anything; it only robs you of all of the opportunities yet to come.

As Kate Bornstein always says: “do whatever you need or want to do in order to make life worth living.  Love who and how you want to love.  Just don’t be mean.”  Savage and his husband convey this message of hope in a way that is endearing and uplifting – definitely watch this one!  User submissions of your own “it gets better” …

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flying our rainbow flags

Space Needle has pride!

We at genderpanic are in Seattle and Seattle Pride is here!  There’s a rainbow flag flying on top of the Space Needle for the first time ever, and there have been parties and events happening all over the city this past week.

We’ve been all over the town, walking in the Dyke March, cheering at the Pride Parade, and browsing the booths at Capitol Hill Pride and the Seattle Pride Festival.  We’ve seen the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, naked rainbow men on bicycles, lesbrarians, a 10-foot wide replica of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Batman on roller skates wearing a g-string, lesbians lube wrestling on a float, and much, much more!  It’s been a good week to have fun, to be proud, and to give one’s lover boo an extra squeeze while out in public.  We’ve seen so many cute couples, of so many different gender combinations, and are truly delighted by this year’s outpouring of pride in diversity.  Kudos to you, Seattle, and to all the excellent queer organizations and resources that exist within you!

zavi squees about things

Yesterday, I was walking home from work, listening to Athens Boys Choir and thinking how super awesome it would be one day to see him in concert. Imagine my surprise when I came home and saw an email in my inbox that he would be playing in Seattle next week – I almost exploded with the sheer squeefulness of it all. Everyone in the Seattle area should come!

Another thing that made me squee a bit this week was my discovery that Express now carries a men’s XS size. Other small-framed genderqueers probably understand my excitement; it’s very hard to find well-fitted men’s clothes when you are only 5’4 and 125 lbs (which is my case, anyways). Express is admittedly a bit expensive (I only buy from the discount bins), but they generally have good sales. Ditto for AE, one of the other few men’s stores that consistently stocks XS sizes. And when buying clothes online, always remember to check out sites like retailmenot, where you can always find discount codes!

Another exciting discovery was learning that Original Plumbing Magazine had released its first edition of OP tv, which gives …

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back to blogging and “this week in gender bending”

The genderpanic hiatus has ended!  We have both moved to Seattle (land of misty rain, nice people, and excessive quantities of caffeinated beverages).  We will definitely continue creating and posting to genderpanic and will hopefully do so more regularly now that we’ve settled in a bit.  Panda’s been busy crafting coinpurses again, and I’ve been busy reading books by Ivan Coyote (just finished The Slow Fix), in anticipating of attending hir bookreading in the Seattle area in mid-November.

In other news, I’ve decided to start doing a weekly post about some of the nifty/interesting/alarming links that I discover.  The links that I post in “this week in gender bending” will be mostly related to gender issues (with a few super cute ones thrown in).  Please feel free to send me any neat links at genderpanic (at) gmail (dot) com.

To start off:

worst 10 sexy halloween costumes – this editorial by Amanda Hess of the Washington City Paper explores the binary “sexy/penis” costume options for men and women.

genderfork – a website focused on androgyny which features tons of photos, articles and other content.  coolest feature: you can …

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