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open letter to lt. dan choi: DADT doesn’t make you right

By: C. D. Kirven, Contributing Writer & LGBT Activist

“Cautious, careful people always casting about preserve their reputation or social standards never can bring about reform. Those who are really in earnest are willing to be anything or nothing in the world’s estimation, and publicly and privately, in season and out, avow their sympathies with despised ideas and their advocates, and bear the consequences.” — Susan B. Anthony.

Dear Dan:

As a member of the LGBT community fighting against bigotry, I understand the depth of your passion and also empathize with the difficulties you’ve endured fighting to expose the injustice America so openly projects to the world during a time of war recklessly turning its back on LGBT soldiers who’ve sacrificed for their country.  In 2009, women made up 14 percent of the army but accounted for up to 48 percent of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’s discharges. “Harry Reid is a pussy,” you angrily said after the failed Senate vote last month, vowing to speak out, and “he’ll be bleeding once a month.”   Your comment is almost too insulting to take seriously but needs to be publicly addressed in order for us to move forward as one unified …

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girl, you’ll be a woman (too) soon?…

Photo of Chinese baby girls, from Getty Images and the UK Telegraph.

Photo of Chinese baby girls, courtesy of Getty Images and the UK Telegraph.

I’m sure many of us remember our youth as a time primarily free of gender, where we ran around bare chested and barefoot in the glorious summer time, regardless of whether our baby bonnet was blue or pink.  In fact, much of our early lives are blessedly free of the true pressures inherent in a rigidly gendered society, other than the occasional barbie doll falling into hands that really wanted a slingshot or vice versa.

However, there is some disturbing news on both sides of the planet for young girls this week.  NPR reports that a new study conducted by researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has found some disturbing puberty related trends are taking place among young girls in the United States.  The study found that “10-percent of 7-year-old white girls were developing breasts”, and “for young black girls… 25-percent of 7-year-olds” were exhibiting early puberty and maturation.

Meanwhile, in the latest bout of milk powder related …

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this week in gender bending: international week

This week’s links have an international focus, to illustrate how gender bending is indeed a worldwide phenomenon. Here are a few links that really caught my eye:

herbivore boys – men in Japan are rebelling against the typical ‘macho’ male stereotype.

queer China –  in a Danwei tv interview, the organizers of Beijing’s Queer Film Festival discuss the fight for queer acceptance.

US gay marriage ban – here in the US, California’s ban on gay marriage is being challenged in the Supreme Court.

honor violence – gay Muslims are facing homelessness and other issues after being rejected by their families.

Keep it queer out there; queer visibility is a definite necessity in the fight for acceptance and tolerance worldwide.

tumultuous legal times for the american queer community

"Obama Pride" campaign logo.

Wow, it’s been a little while.  I’m really not sure where the time goes…  But the fact that it’s November is just surreal.  In any case, I thought I’d take this time to post a quick update about a few things.  We are just a few days past the anniversary of the election of Barrack Obama, the United States’ first African American president.  Obama ran on a campaign of “hope”, with a view to a new future for a struggling America.  I’m sure we all remember how he openly courted the LGBTQ vote with promises of change.

One year later, what has changed for the LGBTQ population?  On the same day that Obama won the election, residents of California voted on Proposition 8, a heavily religiously funded campaign to strip away the rights of lesbian and gay people to marry.  Running on the old fallback campaign of “protecting the sanctity of marriage”, the measure passed.  It left a bitter aftertaste in the mouths of many who had, only hours before, been filled with hope when Obama’s win was officially announced.

The American states where …

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